Why buying a Fantasy Island caravan is right for young families

Having a new baby in the family is one of the biggest lifestyle changes you can go through. Things you used to take for granted now require a whole new level of planning, organisation, and spare nappies. That being said, your life doesn’t have to grind to a halt, in fact, it’s really only just begun.

Given the recent change, you’d be forgiven for thinking you can no longer holiday like you used to. And while there certainly are adjustments that need to be made when travelling with your little ones, there is no reason why you can’t enjoy a break as a family. In fact, there are plenty of reasons why you should do just that. And the best way might be to buy your very own luxury holiday home at Fantasy Island. Here’s why:

It means you don’t have to venture far

Planes and babies aren’t the best mix. You probably have memories of sharing a flight with a miserable little one back in your child-free days. So to spare your baby and your fellow passengers, it’s best to stay away from long haul flights. There is plenty of time to take them to far-flung destinations when they are older. So having something like your very own holiday home in Skegness gives you the flexibility to holiday on your own terms.

You don’t have to worry about the weather

While your previous holidays may have been all about chasing the sunshine, you might want to rethink this when travelling with a baby. It’s best not to opt for a trip somewhere with searing temperatures, as you might find it very difficult to keep your baby cool when it’s 30°C outside. It can also be tricky keeping your little one safe from the sun’s rays. This makes a domestic holiday one of the safest for your little one. That doesn’t mean you won’t have weather you can enjoy, you just won’t have weather where you bake!

You can take everything you need

One of the biggest changes about parenthood is having to cart bags of baby-specific equipment around. With baggage limits on flights, making sure your baby has everything they need can be a real headache. Holidaying at a static caravan closer to home lets you keep your luggage well stocked with nappies, baby wipes, nappy rash ointment, bibs, a travel steriliser, baby clothes, and other baby essentials.

Give your little one memories to treasure, and opt for your own family getaway at Fantasy Island. You won’t regret it!

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