UK staycations at Fantasy Island

Britain is made up of hard-working families saving up enough money each year to get a well-earned break, with many heading to airports as soon as they can. However, holidays within the UK are growing more and more popular each year, with increasing numbers of families deciding to stay close to home. With so many options right on our doorstep, a staycation can be just as rewarding.

Fantasy Island, an award-winning holiday park in Skegness, is a stone’s throw away from the beach and is the ultimate destination. With a fantastic amusement park packed full of attractions, it’s also home to Europe’s largest seven-day market, making it a great day out for all the family. Read on as we look at why a staycation to Fantasy Island is the best option for you.

Quicker and easier

While some flights may only take two or three hours, in reality, reaching your chosen destination takes much longer. Not only do you have to turn up at least two hours before your flight time, but you also have to wait at the other end for your luggage, which let’s be honest, is never a quick process. If you opt to go on holiday to Fantasy Island, however, Skegness is just a pleasant car ride away – there’s no security or departure times to worry about.

Fun for all the kids

Travelling anywhere with children isn’t much fun, especially on a packed plane full of staring eyes if your toddler even makes a squeak. So the quicker the journey, the better. And once you arrive, Fantasy Island is a fantastic option for children – whether you’re an explorer, discoverer or adventurer, the possibilities are limitless. Fantasy Island is more than just a theme park, it guarantees to have the family laughing and smiling!

A home away from home

Going abroad means that you are in a strange place and surrounded by people speaking a different language. Why not stay in a luxurious park filled with home comforts instead? Fantasy Island has a fantastic range of holiday packages with holiday homes that are relaxing and cosy.

More for your money

Most families are saving all year round for their next holiday as going abroad is often costly. Fantasy Island offers so much more for your money, and with different packages available, there is something for every budget.

For a holiday that will bring years of treasured memories, be sure to visit Fantasy Island.

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