6 essentials of a traditional British seaside holiday

Long before we used to jet off to Spain for our annual getaways, Britain’s coasts were packed with holidaymakers all year round. Traditional seaside holidays may have lost some custom to overseas travel, but many coastal resorts, including Skegness, are still booming with vacationers and day-trippers during the summer months. If a classic UK seaside holiday sounds right up your street, make sure you include these five essentials in your holiday itinerary.

1. A caravan

We don’t do hotels by the sea; we do caravans. But don’t worry – these days, caravans come in all shapes and sizes, with many classed as luxury holiday homes. Caravans are a cost-effective, cosy way to stay away from home and enjoy some family bonding time together in close quarters. They’re also warm even in winter, and have everything you need to cook tasty family suppers. But if you don’t want to cook…

2. Fish and chips

Ask anyone who lives in a coastal town, and they’ll tell you their town’s fish and chips are the best in the world. Naturally, we think this title goes to Skegness fish and chips, but you’ll have to try them to find out.

3. Rides

Back in the day, fairs and rides were a common sight in seaside resorts – though you’d be lucky to get on something as exciting as the teacups. These days, of course, amusement parks like Fantasy Island can make seaside holidays a lot more fun, especially for thrillseekers.

4. A nice bit of coast

What’s a seaside holiday without a day on the beach and a coastal walk? From beautiful sandy beaches to beautiful rocky coastlines, the UK has it all.

5. Stick of rock

Not just for Blackpool, sticks of rock have long been a staple of all seaside resort towns. Whether you opt for traditional mint or one of the more modern fruit-flavoured rocks, no holiday by the sea would be complete without it.

And finally, one non-essential part of a British seaside holiday…

6. Good weather

As your Mum and Dad would gladly tell you, you don’t need good weather to enjoy a day by the sea. Spend your evening playing board games in the caravan and your day warmed up with a hot tea from the local café’ while watching the waves crashing against the rocks of the promenade. It’s a sight to remember.

Keen to relive the British seaside holidays of your childhood memories – but better? Take a look around Fantasy Island, an award-winning holiday park in Skegness. You won’t be disappointed!

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